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UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital NICU

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Fort Collins, CO, USA

Facility Type:

BioSpec MDMaple Grove II

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Denver-based Gallun Snow has specialized in designing spaces for healthcare, learning, civic/community, and church/worship spaces since 1988 which made them a perfect choice for the UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital project in Fort Collins, Colorado.


The UCHealth facility offers a wide range of primary and specialized health services, from birthing and neonatal intensive care to hyperbaric oxygen and wound care with a team of more than 2,000 healthcare professionals. But the part of the project closest to the hearts of the Gallun Snow team was the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) that cares for critically ill infants and those born between 28 and 42 weeks.

Creating a specialized healthcare environment takes a mix of skill, creativity and empathy. Based on the owner’s vision and the interior designers at Gallun Snow, two specific goals were established. The first one was about being hopeful and upbeat, and having a space that reflected the highly advanced level of medical care being provided.


The Gallun Snow team wanted to incorporate color while using a product that HCHealth could easily maintain. The design team at Gallun Snow looked at various aspects of the design in order to ensure the space would meet the needs of the hospital staff and family of the patients.

“While we were designing this project, we were also working on the new ED expansion, where we also were using BioSpec MD. UCHealth is a fan of this material. But for the NICU, we really wanted to bring in color. BioSpec MD has so many colors available and it’s also durable. We wanted to make sure we weren’t introducing a new material into the space that they don’t know how to use,” says Melyssa Feiler.

While Gallun Snow could have chosen a myriad of other products, they chose BioSpec MD because they have a great track record with it and because they felt as if there was enough range in the colors to give a lot of flexibility in creating a hopeful and fun scheme for the space.


• Highest abrasion resistance in the industry

• Excellent slip resistance for enhanced safety

• Engineered to trap less dirt, delivering ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance costs

• Industry-leading stain resistance outperforms competing products

• Advanced light resistance keeps colors beautiful

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