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The Origami Collection

Crafted to Inspire

From private office to cubicle, the copy room to the boardroom, every workplace is a mosaic of different spaces, each with its own functional needs. That’s why we offer the widest variety of flooring options that answer the purpose of each unique space.


All Mannington Commercial carpets are made with a minimum 3.0 TARR (Texture Appearance Retention Rating), meaning any carpet you specify will be able to withstand heavy commercial traffic. The 3.5 TARR on our carpets is tested and verified by an independent lab.

Origami Collection: Valley Fold, Elephant 13396


LVT and resilient sheet products with Quantum Guard® technologies are tested and proven to achieve best-in-class performance, appearance retention and ease of care. The family of Quantum Guard® technologies includes Quantum Guard® Elite, our newest innovation providing the industry’s most advanced durability and cleanability, and Quantum Guard® HP, our groundbreaking technology with ten years of proven performance in the field.

Infused: Birdseye


The first integrated LVT manufacturer with pre-applied adhesive; arriving ready to peel, stick and go. Incredible moisture resistance and quick installation reduces costly renovation downtime.

The Portland Project LVT: Burnside, Copperpot P200


Our approach to sustainability goes beyond any single program or product—taking a holistic perspective by focusing on accountability, transparency, and community. So, our environmental programs touch all aspects of manufacturing, from public health, safety, energy, materials, and processes, to bringing a responsible end-of-life plan for every product.

Portland: Summit Ridgeline


When you really need it now. Our innovative delivery program ensures that your Carpet product is available to ship within 10 business days and Hard Surfaces are available to ship within 5 business days.

Spacia Wood
Department of Veterans Affairs