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Quantum Guard®

The Quantum Guard family of technologies sets Mannington Commercial LVT apart from the rest. All feature aluminum oxide technology proven to provide the industry's best scratch protection.

Success Is in Our Science

Quantum Guard Elite® is a patent-pending technology that provides the complete performance solution for LVT.

View our impact test.View our scratch test.
Video poster for impact test
Video poster for scratch test
  • Highest scratch resistance in the industry
  • Engineered for best-in-class dimensional stability
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Cuts cleanly for highest quality installation
  • Easy no-polish maintenance significantly reduces overall life cycle cost and total cost of ownership
  • Advanced stain resistance
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Complete Multi-Layered Protection

Quantum Guard Elite combines a hard wear layer and a flexible wear layer for superior durability with the added protection of our proven aluminum oxide technology.

Quantum Guard multi-level protection

Outperforms in Scratch Resistance

With a patent-pending two-part wear layer and aluminum oxide infused top coat, Quantum Guard Elite offers superior scratch resistance vs. the leading competitor.

Best-in-Class Dimensional Stability

LVT with Quantum Guard Elite is fully engineered to offer the perfect balance of hardness and flexibility, which helps prevent product failures in commercial environments. Products exposed to 80˚C for six hours.

scratch test image 1
scratch test image 2
stability test image 1

Leading Competitor

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Quantum Guard Elite

Warranted to Work
Products with Quantum Guard Elite feature our Limited Quantum Guard Elite Wear Warranty and Limited Commercial Warranty.

  • One of the highest-performance commercial urethane finishes in the industry
  • No polish
  • Enhances durability, cleanability, appearance, and slip resistance when compared to standard resilient floors
  • Significant reduction in overall life cycle cost greatly lowers total cost of ownership
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Proven Performance

When it comes to hard surface flooring, we believe that low maintenance should only be a starting point. We’ve taken it one step further with Quantum Guard® HP, an industry-leading commercial urethane finish with ten years of proven performance in the field.

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