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Resilient Structures.

We offer a range of LVT constructions to help you achieve the specific performance goals of your space. What’s more, we make more than 90% of our LVT in the USA, ensuring that you get a faster turnaround and the highest quality product. Explore options in standard LVT, rigid core LVT and non-vinyl resilient flooring.

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Get outstanding performance and built-in sustainability benefits from our standard LVT construction.

  • Wear layers in 12, 20, 30 and 40 mil let you choose the right performance level for your project.
  • Industry-leading scratch resistance and ease of cleaning with our proven Quantum Guard technology.
  • Added durability and dimensional stability with the innovative two-part wear layer of our Quantum Guard Elite construction.
  • Faster installation on up to 99% RH subfloors with QuickStix® pre-applied adhesive, available on most glue-down styles.
  • Multiple thickness options available to fit the needs of each space, including thicker profiles designed for easy transition to carpet.

Constructed for sustainability

  • All LVT features a non-ortho phthalate construction.
  • All LVT offers an EPD and is FloorScore certified (CDPH Standard Method v1.1).
  • Most LVT styles offer an HPD.
  • Most LVT styles are made with up to 3% rapidly renewable resource content.
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rigid core lvt construction image

Rigid core LVT with FloorArmor provides a superior combination of benefits for all types of spaces.

  • Superior acoustic properties.
  • Excellent indentation resistance.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Enhanced dimensional stability.
  • Virtually waterproof.

Constructed for sustainability

  • Features a non-ortho phthalate construction.
  • Offers an EPD and is FloorScore certified (CDPH Standard Method v1.1).
Learn more about FloorArmor.
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We have used our manufacturing expertise to create low emission, non-vinyl flooring that offers high performance and a low environmental impact.

Our non-vinyl polymeric composite flooring meets strict standards for health, education, workplace and retail environments – a floor for today and tomorrow.

  • Constructed without PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and halogens.
  • A low-emissions product.
  • Made with 5% recycled content; zero waste sent to landfill.
  • 20 mil wear layer and Quantum Guard technology deliver lasting performance under heavy traffic.
  • Styles offer an EPD and HPD and are FloorScore certified (CDPH Standard Method v1.1).
  • No special adhesives required.
Learn more about our non-vinyl resilient flooring.
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